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Highlights from March 2024


Bellwave Apartments would like to congratulate Katie Bethell who has accepted the position of Home Lead for the downstairs floor of the Apartments. Katie has worked for the company for a number of years and has gained experience as a support worker, senior support worker and now feels she is ready for the next step in her career.

Employees of the Quarter

And another big congratulations to 2 of our Employee of the Quarter winners, Alisha Biston and Claire Walters. Alisha is known to regularly go above and beyond her role. Claire’s dedication to her role and willingness to go the extra mile has seen her become a core member of the Dom Care team. 

Bellwave House

At Bellwave House, residents have been fully immersed in the excitement of the 6 Nations rugby tournament, cheering on Wales with great enthusiasm. Despite the outcomes, the spirit of togetherness during the matches has been a highlight. 

The Bellwave Choir has been a lovely addition to our activities, with many residents participating. The joy of singing together has made this a much-anticipated regular event. 

Our culinary and performance skills were showcased in the Great Bellwave Bake-off and Bellwave’sGot Talent. Resident GB stole the show in the talent competition with a captivating dance routine. 

Weekly pool games have become a crowd favorite, bringing together residents from all services for some friendly competition. As the weather begins to brighten, we’re looking forward to more outdoor walks, embracing the beautiful surroundings of Porthcawl. In a wonderful example of co-production, resident DW has taken on the role of Activity Coordinator at Bellwave House, leading activities for and by our residents.

Bellwave Corner

On March 20th, 2024, we marked the first anniversary of Bellwave Corner’s opening with a vibrant talent show. GB dazzled everyone with his dance moves, clinching first place. Home Lead Efa Petrou’s poetic prowess earned her second place, while ND’s cool dance moves secured third. 

St. David’s Day was celebrated with homemade Welsh cakes and themed activities like word searches, coloring, and a Welsh quiz. JK and NW have been enjoying pool tournaments at the Brogden with residents from other homes, and MF has recently joined in, discovering a passion for pool. 

MF is eagerly anticipating his holiday to Tenby next month, a trip organized with the help of our staff. He’s also excited about getting a new tattoo in June. On March 3rd, 2024, MF enjoyed a sunny stroll on Porthcawl beach, indulging in a secret ice cream and admiring some cool motorbikes. During the Wales vs. Italy game, all residents at Bellwave Corner relished some pizza, adding to the enjoyment of the match.

Bellwave Drive

At Bellwave Drive, our residents have been actively participating in a variety of events and activities. The excitement of the 6 Nations rugby tournament brought residents and staff together, with everyone enjoying the camaraderie despite Wales’s performance this year. 

Our house even hosted some of these events, welcoming residents from other schemes to join in the fun. In our residents’ corner, we’re pleased to share that PM has been settling in well at Bellwave Drive after moving from Bellwave House. This transition marks a significant milestone for PM, who had lived at Bellwave House for several years. 

PM is now embracing independence, preparing his own meals, managing his shopping, and maintaining a clean room. We’re proud of PM’s progress and achievements!

Bellwave Apartments

In March 2024, the staff and residents at Bellwave Apartments began making the most of the improving weather with several walks in nearby nature reserves. The residents have also been participating in the group pool tournaments every Thursday in Porthcawl, with resident SD showcasing his new bicycles. 

The Bellwave Choir group’s visit to the Bellwave Apartments was a highlight of the month, and we extend our gratitude to everyone who attended from other homes. Additionally, the Easter coffee morning and quiz were well-received, and we thank all participants for their involvement. Steve continues his dedicated volunteer work at Theo’s in Kenfig Hill every Friday and Saturday. 

Our residents have also been enjoying social outings, including shopping trips to Cardiff, Porthcawl, and other local areas, further enhancing their community engagement and enjoyment of the season.

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from March 2024
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Article: What Is Autism?

What is Autism?

Autism 101

This article seeks to increase awareness and understanding around what is now called “Autism Spectrum Disorder”, or ASD. The technical side of this topic is fascinating, but it’s not always the best way to have a subject resonate with us. We’ll save that for another time. Luckily there are so many individuals nowadays who have the platform to share their experiences with many different disorders, ASD being one of them.

One of our writers, who has ASD and is a parent to a child with ASD, brings a unique viewpoint to this complex topic. By combining personal experience with a technical definition which we’ll take from the DSM-5 and the ICD-11, we hope to offer a brief overview of what ASD is, what it can look like and how it can affect those who have it.

Defining Autism Spectrum Disorder

The DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Revision) and the ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision) are developed by the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organisation respectively, and they share a very similar definition.

For our purposes we will define Autism Spectrum Disorder as: 

Characterised by persistent difficulties in social communication and interaction, as well as restricted and repetitive behaviours, interests, or activities that impair everyday functioning and are atypical or excessive.”

This definition is precise, but it’s also a little abstract. To make it more relatable, let’s explore the commonalities and differences between individuals with and without ASD.

How We Differ as Individuals

It’s important to remember that we all have the same basic needs, in that way we are all similar. We’re all essentially trying to minimise suffering and maximise wellbeing.

Equally important is understanding how we differ. We couldn’t list all the ways that we differ if we tried. Including the different ways we might seek to achieve those ends.

Relevant to our topic though, are the different ways in which we perceive, relate to and interact with the world around us. What we might call our “sensory and social processing”. This is key to understanding individuals with ASD.

The Museum Analogy

To give an example, let’s imagine you’re walking through a museum. You’re wearing a jumper and as you walk into the next room, you notice it’s a lot warmer than the previous room. You’ve just perceived a change in temperature. You relate to that change in temperature by thinking “I’m too warm now, I should remove my jumper” and you interact by removing your jumper.

That’s how a typical person might experience that situation. An individual on the spectrum might not even notice until they’re sweating and someone asks them if they’re alright. On the other hand it may have only been a temperature change of one degree that required them to take their jumper off.

This is just one example of how differently we can experience the same objective conditions present in one situation. It also foreshadows a later topic; Sensory Processing Disorder, almost always associated with ASD.

We may all have slightly different sensory and social processing characteristics, (you might have found the increase in temperature to be just to your liking) but in the case of the autistic individual, the difference is more extreme, atypical and not merely a preference for warmer climates.

Persistent Difficulties in Social Communication and Interaction

Perceiving, relating to and interacting with people is where we step into the first part of our definition 

At some level we all have some difficulties with social communication and interaction. It certainly doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Even those who are extroverted can have issues with this, just in different ways.

While it’s true that challenges in social communication and interaction are part of the human experience, those with ASD often encounter unique difficulties in these areas. 

These challenges are not solely due to a lack of knowledge about social norms and behaviours. Instead, individuals with ASD may process and respond to social information entirely differently, which can impact their ability to apply social concepts in real-time interactions. 

Some examples of social difficulties that individuals with ASD can experience are, but are not limited to:

  1. Challenges with Nonverbal Communication: This can include difficulty interpreting body language, facial expressions, and gestures, leading to misunderstandings in social contexts.

    Non verbal communication is an integral part of how we humans interact with each other. Especially when subtlety is required, you might indicate something to someone by tilting your head, making a subtle facial expression, widening your eyes, etc. This might lead someone on the spectrum to say “Why are you doing that with your face?”. 
  2. Taking Things Literally: Individuals with ASD may have a hard time understanding sarcasm, idioms, or figurative language, leading them to interpret statements very literally.

    Sarcasm for example is often used as a form of expression that, when understood, can strengthen social bonds. It relies on mutual trust that the intended humour will be appreciated rather than taken as an offence. Humour is an important factor in building connections.

    This makes it difficult for individuals with ASD. They very genuinely may not understand when something is being said literally, figuratively or with sarcasm. It can lead to confusion and asking questions, which disrupts the natural flow of an interaction.  
  3. Restricted Interests and Conversational Challenges: Individuals with ASD may have intensely focused interests and might predominantly talk about these interests, sometimes at the expense of mutual exchange or recognizing the interests of others.

This is not an exhaustive list, we will write in more detail about this in future articles. But the last point about restricted interest leads nicely into the second part of our definition.

Restricted and Repetitive Behaviours, Interests, or Activities 

Much of what we’ve discussed so far have been things that most of us can relate to on some level. It’s not uncommon for neurotypical individuals to miss a joke, or to get carried away talking about an interest. What makes those with ASD different is again the persistence and severity of these difficulties. 

Restricted and Repetitive Behaviours, Interests, or Activities (RRBIA) are core features of Autism Spectrum Disorder, characterised by a notable repetition of actions, an intense focus on specific interests, and a strong preference for sameness and routines. Some examples:

  1. A Strong Need for Routine and Sameness: You might have heard “variety is the spice of life”, for many of us that’s true. For individuals with ASD however, there’s profound comfort and security in routine and predictability. Even minor changes can be unsettling, leading to distress. The predictability of routines offers an anchor in the overwhelming sea of sensory and social information. 
  2. Deep Dives into Special Interests: Individuals with ASD often have specialised interests pursued with remarkable intensity and focus. These interests provide not only joy and satisfaction but also a unique lens through which they relate to others and the world. These special interests can become sources of expertise and pride, but they can sometimes overshadow opportunities for broader social exchanges.

    To give one example, one of our writers’ children is currently obsessed with Pokémon. Not uncommon for a child of 5. What is slightly unusual is the greeting of people with Pokémon noises with no context, as if they understand what he’s doing. Crawling around like a Pokémon in non-play type settings, and pretending to engage in Pokémon battles, again without any context. Which just appears as if he’s attacking his peers unprovoked. 
  3. Repetitive Behaviours: “Stimming”, or self-stimulatory behaviour, like hand-flapping, rocking, or repeating phrases, might seem unusual on the surface. However in the case of ASD these aren’t voluntary behaviours. They’re actually serving multiple purposes from self-soothing to expressing joy and they’re important for self-regulation.

    It’s likely that this is because it provides predictable and controllable stimuli that can provide comfort in an unpredictable or out of control situation.

The underpinnings of RRBIA and Persistent Difficulties in Social Communication and Interaction, are thought to be related to differences in brain structure and function, including variations in neural connectivity and sensory processing. From a neuro-developmental perspective, RRBIA are reflective of the brain’s attempt to regulate sensory input and create predictability and order in the environment.

Impair Everyday Functioning and are Atypical or Excessive

When we combine the first two factors in our definition, it becomes clear that there are many combinations of sensory and social processing issues that can arise. If we consider our earlier statement, that we’re all just trying to maximise wellbeing and minimise suffering, we see that unfortunately there are many pitfalls for ASD individuals while trying to achieve this optimal state. 

We didn’t have time to go into Sensory Processing Disorder, which is almost always accompanying ASD. It makes the world a far more volatile space for ASD individuals. When taken with the first two factors we looked into, we can conclude that the everyday functioning of individuals with ASD is impaired, completing this deep dive into our definition.


Stimming, Sensory Processing Disorder, Sensory Burnout, Meltdowns, Masking, Shutdowns. These are only a few things that we could write full articles about to do with ASD. And we will!

For now though, it’s important to understand that ASD is not simply a few quirky behaviours or a clearly defined list of symptoms. It is an entirely different way of perceiving, relating to and interacting with people and the environments around us. 

Crucial to understanding ASD fully is that it is a spectrum disorder. That means individuals with ASD are going to vary in their level of severity and combinations of characteristics. It certainly adds to the complexity of understanding this topic. Adding to the complexity is the crossover of characteristics between other conditions such as ADHD and OCD. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder may sometimes be difficult to relate to and understand deeply, even for those closest to those individuals who have it. But with patience, understanding and education we can get closer to relating to our ASD friends and other neurodivergent individuals.

Jennifer CosslettArticle: What Is Autism?
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Highlights from February 2024

Leadership Excellence Initiative

Serendipity has initiated leadership development workshops to standardise leadership across the organisation. Home Leads have been enrolled in the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 3 program, and they’re excited to enhance their skills.

A Move to Supported Living

It’s been over ten years at Bellwave House for one of our beloved residents, PM. But now he has moved to our Supported Living Service at Bellwave Drive.

Embracing his newfound independence, PM has been excitedly personalising his space and venturing out solo to explore Porthcawl. Paul’s transition showcases the transformative power of supportive living, as he navigates bus trips and social outings with newfound confidence.

Latest Home News

Bellwave House

Bellwave House has welcomed a new resident, DW, to Room 1. DW is taking his next step towards independent living, coming from Cefn Yr Afon Residential Rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, our previous resident, PM, has moved to a more independent setting at Bellwave Drive after nearly ten years with us. Congratulations to PM on this remarkable achievement!

Our weekly arts and crafts session has been so popular that it’s become a regular event. Our activity coordinators are exploring new ways to enhance our offerings, recognising the importance of activities for well-being.

The Wales vs. Scotland rugby match was thrilling, with Wales’s second-half comeback keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, despite the result not being in our favour.

Our residents and staff have enjoyed outings to scenic spots like the Bwlch in the valleys, known for its stunning views. We’re planning more visits to scenic locations as the weather improves.

Bellwave Drive

Bellwave Drive is excited to welcome new staff member Elisabeth James. Elisabeth recently completed her university studies in Psychology and Criminology, followed by a master’s in Crime and Justice. She has settled well into the team and looks forward to gaining more experience in Mental Health Services.

In other news, Mark Davies, the Registered Manager of Bellwave House, has joined Bellwave Drive this month to take over the management of the service.

Mark has been a great asset to the team and residents over the past few weeks, providing support and sharing his extensive knowledge, experience, and skills. He will be working between the two services, and the team is eager to continue collaborating with him.

Bellwave Drive also celebrated Pancake Day on February 13th. Residents Paul and Amelia hosted the event, making pancakes for everyone who attended. Residents from other services joined in for an afternoon of pancake making and decorating.

Bellwave Apartments

In February, Bellwave Apartments celebrated the birthdays of three residents: Steven (48), Nathan (33), and Vicky (58). They enjoyed celebrations with both staff and family. Additionally, a Coffee and Quiz day was held, where residents and staff competed for prizes, with Vicky emerging as the quiz winner!

Some residents also participated in a choir group at Bellwave House.

Looking ahead, there are exciting plans for future activities, including music jam nights, up-cycling furniture, and bike projects.

Steve’s volunteer work at Theo’s in Kenfig Hill continues to be highly appreciated, with positive feedback on his work ethic. Steve has also customised a new bike, which he is very proud of.

Bellwave Apartments 2 has welcomed Sophira Shannon as the new Home Lead for the upstairs property. Sophira is eager to start and has many ideas for activities for the residents.

Residents have been enjoying social outings, such as shopping trips to Cardiff and coffee outings in Porthcawl. Nathan, SD, Viv, and Vicky particularly enjoyed visiting the duck ponds in Porthcawl.

Bellwave Cottage

Congratulations to MB on being appointed the new Activity Coordinator at the cottage. MB has embraced the role with enthusiasm and has already contributed great ideas to the activities group. Well done, MB!

The residents of the cottage recently enjoyed a fantastic group outing to Cardiff. The day kicked off with a delicious breakfast, followed by a shopping spree at St David’s Shopping Centre and a visit to Costco for some bargain hunting. It was a wonderful day enjoyed by all.

MB has also become a fully-fledged member of the local United Services Club. He has been making the most of his membership by using the club’s facilities to play snooker, darts, and watch the Six Nations rugby match between Wales and Scotland.


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Highlights from January 2024

Investors of People

Our managers were excited to celebrate winning the silver Investors of People award at Hensol Castle. Thank you to every one of our staff members who have contributed towards this brilliant achievement.

Resident Birthdays

Two of our residents celebrated some pretty big birthdays this month. NW celebrated his 40th Birthday on January 19th and enjoyed a lovely meal at the Salt Water Inn, in Porthcawl.

MF also celebrated his 50th on January 19th. For his birthday he enjoyed a visit to the Monkey Sanctuary in Caehopkin. He also enjoyed a birthday meal on the 22nd at Whether Spoons in Bridgend.

Bellwave Corner

It’s been a bustling start to the year at Bellwave Corner!

We’ve had our two resident birthday milestones. Aside from that, MF keeps impressing us by attending Slimming World and hitting the gym regularly, also enjoying his time at the Arts and Crafts group every Thursday.

JK and Efa had a great time playing airsoft in North Cornelly, diving into the mud and the fun of airsoft guns, with Efa finding a new hobby. NW proved his skills at pool once again, beating JK 4-1.

IW, our new chef, has been delighting us with his culinary talents, cooking up everything from curries to jacket potatoes. NL is eagerly anticipating a shopping spree next week at Currys and Sports Direct, excited to indulge in some self-treats.

Next month, we’re all excited for the 6 Nations celebration and Valentine’s Day activities, including card making.

Bellwave Cottage

January kicked off with a buzz of activity at the Cottage, as some residents teamed up for gym sessions in Bridgend every Thursday, getting a solid start on their fitness resolutions. Meanwhile, others enjoyed their usual routines, including shopping and coastal walks.

MB tested his luck at Castle Bingo, almost clinching a win in several games! Despite not winning, he enjoyed a lovely lunch and felt warmly embraced by the local community.

On January 20th, MB experienced his first rugby match at Brewery Field, watching Bridgend Ravens take on Pontypridd. The game was preceded by a tribute to the legendary JPR Williams, with his former teammates and family retiring his Bridgend no. 15 jersey.
It was a memorable day for MB, who’s keen to watch more matches there.

We’re also thrilled to welcome Steph back from maternity leave and bid farewell to Julia Lewis.

It’s been a month of mixed emotions and new beginnings at the Cottage and we are excited for next month’s plans!


Jennifer CosslettHighlights from January 2024
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Highlights from December 2023

Recent Updates

Looking Forward

Serendipity is poised for growth and progress this year. Key initiatives like the Ratings System steering group and leadership workshops will drive vital changes and standardise team leadership, shaping the culture we aspire to within Serendipity.

Bi-Annual Staff Forum

Serendipity just wrapped up a fantastic bi-annual staff forum where everyone shared ideas on rewards, culture, and more, helping make our place awesome to work at. Meanwhile, our first Ratings System group, with some of our top team members, is working hard to up our game and hit those ‘Excellent’ ratings, showing our commitment to getting better and better.

Bellwave House

Winter Wonderland

December at Bellwave House was a festive whirlwind! Our residents and staff had a blast on our annual Christmas shopping day and trip to Winter Wonderland in Swansea.We enjoyed a meal at Founders and Co, shopped around the city centre, and revelled in Winter Wonderland’s rides, hot chocolate, and toasted marshmallows.


Christmas Gathering

We also hosted fun in-house events, including Christmas card making, karaoke, and a tea and cakes afternoon. These gatherings brought together residents and staff from across our organisation, making the lead-up to Christmas a time of joy and community.

Bellwave Corner

This December was packed with festive fun at Bellwave Corner. We kicked off with a popular games afternoon, enjoyed decorations and gifts, and savoured trips to the “Beauty and the Beast” pantomime and Cardiff Winter Wonderland for ice skating and rides. Our Christmas dinner with staff was a heartwarming highlight.

Jk had a great time at Swansea’s SC2 indoor waterpark and is excited for next month’s Air-soft. Plus, we celebrated NL’s birthday, adding more joy to an already joyful time of year!

Bellwave Cottage

This Christmas at the Cottage was a wonderful time. Two residents stayed, exchanging gifts with family, then enjoying a cozy Christmas Day with more presents and a delicious lunch. Another resident excitedly spent the holiday with family.

Our coffee morning buzzed with friendly chatter, hot drinks, and mince pies, kicking off the season wonderfully. Big thanks to Serendipity for a delightful meal at The Red Dragon, complete with Alfie, a former Welsh rugby star, as our waiter. The afternoon was brightened by our extended team’s presence.

Additionally, Resident MB had a blast at our board game event, cherishing the games and camaraderie. This festive season at the Cottage was truly unforgettable, filled with joy and community spirit.

Bellwave Apartments

We’re excited to welcome Dean, our newest staff member, who’s fitting in nicely and enjoying meeting our residents. We recently had a festive Christmas Cake afternoon at the apartments, where we welcomed guests from other projects. The highlight was a live performance by our talented resident, Steven.

Additionally, our upstairs crew had a great time recently, cooking and sharing a delicious breakfast together.


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Highlights from November 2023

Investors in People Awards

This November, our managers represented Serendipity at the Investors in People Awards. We are very proud to say that Serendipity was a finalist! At Serendipity we commit to “Making Work Better” and were so proud of this achievement.

A New Serendipity Location

We are excited to introduce Bellwave Drive!

This new location is the latest addition to Serendipity’s Supported Living Services in the heart of Bridgend. It’s a warm, rustic place that’s already beginning to feel like home for our two new residents.

A big thank you to Chloe, our Senior Support Worker from Bellwave House, for bringing her invaluable experience. We remain committed to high-quality care and fostering independence. Our recent Bonfire Night was a blast – a great start to more fun and learning this festive season!

Bellwave House

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Bellwave House is undergoing a makeover with both the kitchen and dining area being painted. We have now got rid of the dark grey (sorry Matt) kitchen paint! Our next step is to decorate our dining room with some soft furnishings adding some much needed colour to help brighten up the environment. Its imperative that our residents feel like its a homely environment. We know that the environment where you reside is important to mental well-being.

Spooky Celebrations

Bellwave House hosted a halloween party and invited residents and staff from other locations. It was lovely to get together and everyone had fun.

Bonfire Night

Residents from Bellwave House attended the bonfire event in Bellwave Drive, everyone enjoyed getting together.

Sea Front Rides

Every week a charity who operate Trishaws come to take our residents on a ride around Porthcawl sea front. All who went on the rides really enjoyed.

A New Resident

Bellwave House welcomed a new resident, who comes to us from Taith Newydd.

The Road to Independence

GW was assessed as being ready for his next steps to independent living and has settled in really well.

We said goodbye to AE who moved on to the next step to independent living at Bellwave Drive, and it has been reported that she is settling in really well.

Bellwave Corner

It’s been another action-packed month at Bellwave Corner! The Bonfire Night party was a hit, with NW and MF having a blast with the sparklers.

Let’s Get Fit!

Our resident JK has been a fitness enthusiast, making waves at the Bridgend Life Centre pool and scoring a big win in bowling at Swansea, with MF closely following in second place – quite the debut for him! Meanwhile, MF is on a fitness and health journey, balancing gym sessions with his participation in Slimming World.

Chef’s in the Kitchen

He’s been cooking up a storm too, dishing out tasty homemade meals like spaghetti bolognese and cottage pie. His dedication to a healthier lifestyle is truly inspiring!

Puppy Pals

Our residents have also been enjoying the company of staff dogs, taking them on joyful walks. These furry visits always bring smiles and laughter. And, of course, the festive spirit is in full swing at Bellwave Corner!

Deck the Halls

The excitement over advent calendars is palpable, with everyone doing their best to resist the temptation of finishing all the chocolates too soon. It’s all about the countdown to Christmas and making every moment of this season special.

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Highlights from October 2023


A New Ratings System

In light of Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) upcoming implementation of a rating system for care providers, Mark Davies, Bellwave House Manager, is creating a steering group to enhance Serendipity’s ratings. They will benchmark current performance, devise strategies to meet standards, and ensure readiness for the 2025 rating system implementation.

Bellwave Apartments

Staff Updates

We would like to welcome two new staff members to the team at Bellwave Apartments, Charlotte Griffin and Jan Hoseason. We look forward to working with you and seeing how amazingly you contribute to the growth here at the apartments.

Latest News

In October, we had a blast celebrating a special birthday at the apartments. Our birthday star absolutely loved basking in the limelight and tucking into her much-anticipated rump steak!It was a double celebration as we also toasted to her first year with us.

A massive shout-out to all our apartment staff from Kelly & Matt – you guys are amazing! Your hard work and team spirit never go unnoticed. A big thanks to our friends from the other homes who chipped in; we couldn’t have pulled this off without you. Your dedication to our residents is what makes this place special. Cheers to all!

Bellwave Corner

Latest News

Bellwave Corner has been buzzing with pool games, swims, dog walks, and baking sessions. Two residents celebrated World Mental Health Day in Porthcawl, while Halloween saw us pumpkin picking and enjoying spooky movies on the big screen.

We’ve been sharing tips on healthy eating and saving energy, and a shout-out to MF for smashing it at slimming world.

Also, our staff Mental Health Support Group is thriving, this week’s mental health Bingo offered self-care goodies for prizes!

Bellwave House

Staff Updates

Bellwave House is thrilled to welcome new team members Sue Thomas, Rio Morgan and Ria Griffiths. We are grateful to have such amazing people working for Serendipity and we’re happy to see that trend continue with these new additions.

Latest News

Bellwave House is sprucing up, with fresh paint for the kitchen and dining area. The Wales v Argentina quarter-final was a blast despite the loss, complete with a buffet and a rousing rendition of the national anthem! Cheers to AE, who’s moved to supported living, a real success story of growing independence. We’re all rooting for her in her new chapter.

Mark’s attendance at the Social Care Wales ‘Well Being’ conference has sparked new ideas for staff and resident well-being, including Efa’s mental health support group. He’s also been recognised for his input on ‘Compassionate Leadership’, something we’re keen to expand on.

Our recent ‘World Mental Health Day’ event was a hit, where discussions on mental health prevalence, autism, treatments, support groups, and celebrity experiences helped in normalising the conversation and tackling stigma.

Bellwave Cottage

Latest News

Halloween at the cottage was a scream—literally! The residents had a chillingly good time watching horror flicks and getting visits from Trick or Treaters.

World Mental Health Day was a huge success. It was a powerful chance for us all to come together, spread knowledge, and advocate for mental health as a fundamental human right. It set the perfect tone for more events like this in the future.

Big cheers for our own MB, who’s a true local hero, volunteering every Monday at theBridgend Foodbank Warehouse. He’s not just helping with orders and deliveries; he’s making sure those in need have access to essential food items. Hats off to you, MB!

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Highlights from September 2023


Exciting Announcement

We are excited to announce that Serendipity Care and Support has been shortlisted for an IIP (Investors In People) award. The awards will be held 14th November and we are all very excited. Thank you all for your contribution towards this nomination.

Serendipity’s Support Group

We are very pleased to share that our new mental health support group has started this month. Every other Thursday, the group will meet for group discussions as well as one-on-one support, monthly diaries, resource sharing and other ways we can support people through hard times in their lives. A big thank you to Eva for setting this up.

Bellwave House


Bellwave House has undergone a number of audits over the past few months and we’ve received excellent feedback in all. Among the audits was one by the  Health Board Commissioners. Unsurprisingly to us, they did not highlight any areas for improvement. We are all committed to providing excellent quality care at Bellwave House, and Serendipity as a whole are always striving for continuous improvement in all areas of care.

Off to College

One of our residents (AE) started college a few weeks ago. This is a huge achievement for AE given her anxieties of being in crowds. AE is learning catering level 1, she is already an excellent cook but will use this course to develop her skills further and start to cook more complicated dishes. It goes without saying that all of us are very much looking forward to that! Well done AE for facing your fears!

Aiming for Excellence

In other news Mark Davies and Matt Penpraze recently attended a CIW forum where the main topic was around the implementation of a new ratings system.  The ratings system classifications will be as follows:  Excellent, Good, Needs Improvement, Poor.  It goes without saying that Serendipity will be aiming for Excellence, but in order to achieve this we will need to be sector-leading!

Bellwave Corner

Fun times Continue

We’ve had a great month of fun and plenty of activities at Bellwave corner. The  pool tournament from last month is ongoing, we’ve been enjoying more shopping trips and even a round of mini golf.

End of Summer Festival

We also hosted an “End of Summer Festival”, allowing residents and staff an opportunity to connect with their friends from across the other properties. It was a great afternoon!


Bellwave Apartments

September Events

We have had a great month at Bellwave Apartments with lots of exciting events. We’ve had awesome movie nights, trips to Aberavon seafront, shopping excursions and much more.

An Artist Among Us

We were also excited to discover one of our residents amazing artistic talent. We were blown away when he presented an incredible portrait he had drawn of Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd, one of his favourite bands.

Bellwave Cottage

The King (of Rock and Roll) Arrives in Porthcawl

Bellwave Cottage is a-buzz as the Elvis festival has descended on Porthcawl. To celebrate, we enjoyed a fantastic music festival put on by Bellwave Corner with music and games.

A Visit to The Bay

Aside from that spectacle, a visit to Cardiff Bay was organised for the residents. We spent time taking in the views and historical buildings such as the Norwegian church art centre.

Staff Updates

Congratulations to Julie Humphreys who has recently been promoted to Acting Senior Support Worker for Bellwave House.

Julie has worked in the social care sector for a number of years having worked in a nursing home prior to joining Serendipity. Julie enjoys her work and feels extremely rewarded by supporting vulnerable people to lead fulfilling lives. Julie is doing an excellent job and is enjoying her new role.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from September 2023
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Highlights from August 2023

Bellwave Corner

It’s been an exciting and eventful month at Bellwave Corner. Our very own resident, MF, has embarked on a journey with Slimming World. It’s wonderful to see his dedication with his visits being every Thursday.

On the morning of August 1st, our resident NW from Bellwave Corner joined us at our Coffee morning event over at Bellwave Cottage, further strengthening the ties of our Bellwave family.

MF recently had an amazing time at Porthcawl Fair. Alongside the thrilling rides, a leisurely walk by the beach made the trip even more special, especially when spotting the charming donkeys at the shore. Meanwhile, residents NW & JK participated in the Pool tournament in Porthcawl. A couple of shopping trips for a two of our residents as well, with IW venturing to the bridgend shops and MF visiting Argos.

August 15th was a pawsitively delightful day! All our residents got to interact with a staff member’s two dogs. Cuddles and treats all around as well as a nice walk for all who wanted to go. Judging by the wagging tails and smiling faces it was a day enjoyed by all involved!

We are very proud of our resident, IW, as he completed his first walk from South Cornelly to the Tesco Express in North Cornelly. It’s about a 30-minute walk there and back, which marks a significant achievement for IW.

Upcoming Events:

  • On the 1st of September, we’ll have our Bellwave Corner Indian “Fakeaway” event. Stay tuned!
  • Finally, bid farewell to the lovely season as we celebrate the End of Summer Bellwave Corner Music Festival on 22.09.23.

Bellwave Apartments

August has been another rich and rewarding month at Bellwave Apartments. Here’s some of the highlights that made us smile, laugh, and cherish the community we’ve built.

One of our residents had a lovely day out in Cardiff with support workers Rhian & Katie. The day was marked by the rustling shopping bags and the thrill of trying on a bunch of outfits. Gearing up with a new wardrobe, she’s all set and eagerly anticipating an Autumn shopping spree.

The aroma wafting through the apartments said it all! Another resident showcased her culinary prowess, whipping up a delicious lasagne for all. And yes, it was most certainly as delicious as it looked!

The ever-enthusiastic support worker, Mollie, embarks on a new journey in the NHS. Here’s wishing her the very best in her new role. Simultaneously, Richard, our esteemed senior support worker, is switching lanes but not leaving the track—while he bids his primary role goodbye, he’ll still be with us for bank work. All the best, Richard! And in a twist of happy events, while we bid Katie adieu in our last newsletter, this month it’s a different story – she’s back and joining us as the new Senior Support Worker. Welcome back, Katie! Your return has certainly brightened our corridors.

There was an extra wag and woof in our apartments recently. Kaitlin, our support worker, brought in a furry companion who not only offered countless cwtches but is also expecting her own little bundles of joy soon. We’re eagerly waiting for the litter of pitter-pattering paws and a dose of puppy therapy!

The splashes and giggles were hard to miss when one of our residents ventured to LC2 in Swansea for a swimming session, accompanied by the supportive Damian. The experience was so enjoyable, an encore is already on the cards for next month.

For one resident, the echoing chords of a Pink Floyd tribute act in Porthcawl Pavilion became a memory to cherish, thanks to the company of support worker Rob.

Life at Bellwave Apartments is never dull, filled with moments big and small, that make every day unique. Looking forward to many more such experiences in the coming days!

Bellwave Cottage

A warm thank you to all who joined our recent coffee morning at the Cottage. The room was filled with laughter, the clinking of coffee mugs, and joyful conversations. The residents had a wonderful time, making it an occasion that will be fondly remembered.

The Brogden witnessed an afternoon of exciting pool competition. With contenders from all walks showcasing their skills, the atmosphere was thick with friendly rivalry and admiration. Every participant was a victor, and we’re eagerly awaiting the next face-off.

We have had a couple of cottage birthdays coming up in September. Happy Birthday Mary and PW. A belated but hearty birthday wish to MB for August.

Bellwave House

Staffing Updates:

Chloe Morgan, our esteemed Senior Support Worker, is taking her expertise and enthusiasm to our new venture, Bellwave Drive. Her contribution to Bellwave House has been immense, and we’d like to extend our warmest appreciation for her unwavering commitment. Best of luck, Chloe!

A huge congratulation is in order for Richard Gregory! From diligently serving as a Night Support Worker, Richard is now ready to embrace his new role as a Senior Support Worker at Bellwave House. We’re excited to witness his journey in this elevated role.

Let’s extend a hearty welcome to the newest members of our Bellwave family. Adrienne Morgan joins us as a Support Worker, bringing fresh energy and perspective. We’re also thrilled to have Karen Raikes onboard as our Night Support Worker. We look forward to their contributions and the shared journey ahead.

Bellwave House Activities:

Our residents have been having a fantastic time, engaging in a myriad of activities. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Culinary Delights: Our kitchen has been bustling with activity, as residents have taken to the helm to whip up delectable dishes.
  • Beach Visit: A visit to Ogmore Beach was a refreshing retreat, with the waves and sands being just what the doctor ordered.
  • Pampering and Relaxation: Our pamper afternoon was all about self-care, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Cinema Evenings: Comfy couches, engaging movies, and a sprinkle of snacks made for perfect movie evenings.
  • Barbecue: The tantalizing aroma of the BBQ was hard to resist, and so were the conversations around it.
  • Cottage Coffee Morning: Our regular Cottage Coffee Morning, always a favourite, for its blend of caffeine, cakes and conversations.
  • Walking Wonders: The picturesque views at Ogmore/Rest Bay were explored and cherished during our recent walks.
  • Mans best friend: Dog walking sessions that brought joy not just to our four-legged friends but our residents too.
  • Billiards Battle: The recent Pool Tournament was a testament to the sporting spirit of our residents.
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Bellwave Apartments

At Bellwave apartments, we are pleased to announce that Kelly Evans will be joining our team as a new Home Leader. Kelly brings with her a wonderful passion for her work and extensive experience in the supported living sector. Kelly has spent the past nine years working in Supported Living for Young People Experiencing Homelessness, Care Leavers and Young People with Mental Health and Complex Needs.

Kelly has settled in quickly and would like to extend her gratitude to the team for their warm welcome and ongoing support. We are excited to see what she brings to the apartments and have no doubts that she’ll fit right in with the rest of our amazing staff.

Bellwave Apartments support staff member, Katie Bethell is moving on and heading over to Bellwave Cottage, to take the next steps in her career as Senior Support. Katie’s presence at Bellwave apartments will be greatly missed by staff and residents alike. Katie is always striving to provide the best possible support to the residents, and during her time at Bellwave Apartments, has taken on additional responsibilities to support the senior support workers.

She has been an integral part of the teams so it is with heavy hearts that the team and residents at Bellwave Apartments bid Katie farewell. We all sincerely wish her the very best on her new adventure and have no doubt that she’ll be an outstanding addition to the team at Bellwave Cottage.

In addition to all of this shuffling staff excitement, we’ve also just marked our 2 year anniversary as Bellwave Apartments! We celebrated in style with a BBQ Garden Party, and were joined by some of our great people from across the entire Bellwave family.

Bellwave Cottage

The team and residents at Bellwave Cottage would like to pass a huge congratulations on to our resident MB for PASSING his College Level 1 course, Introduction to Professional Cookery. To celebrate in style he has been on his holiday to Tenby supported by our lovely Lead of the Cottage Ian Heard. The cottage has enjoyed a freshening up, being decorated and painted after getting the go ahead from our residents.

MB in Tenby!
Holiday to Tenby

Bellwave House

Bellwave House has seen the addition of some lovely female residents which, as with any new addition to our home, has been an exciting time for everyone. We’ve been busy this month with a whole lot of exciting activities that have well received by all. Movie nights, Joyriders sessions, adult colouring and cooking sessions to name a few.

A standout highlight was celebrating Jamie’s birthday, the buffet food was amazing! We’ve also been fortunate to have Chef MB, a resident from Bellwave Cottage, delighting our taste buds at Bellwave House, supported by the lovely House resident AE. Lastly, we’re very proud to announce that our youngest resident has been accepted onto a Level 1 Professional Cookery course – a testament to the drive and talent within our walls.

Chef MB and his amazing assistant AE
Our wonderful in house chefs!
AE’s creation

Bellwave Corner

At our newest property addition, Bellwave Corner, we have been busy planning and holding a pizza party, BBQ, and facilitating visits to the local circus. We’ve loved seeing the creativity on display from Efa and Helen as they’ve helped with these events. They’ve both been pushing for our residents to be community involved as much as possible, which is great to see. We are doing our best to encourage our residents to walk and cycle whenever possible.

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